Quality, a constant commitment

When we in Dile we talk about quality, we do it not as a “front” for our customers, nor as an empty advertising slogan that seeks to draw attention. It is a real commitment and for that reason we work daily to guarantee that each of the chairs, armchairs or sofas that come out of our factory meet the highest possible quality levels.

From the design to the after-sales service, through manufacturing, quality is monitored and controlled such that each product meets the Dile quality standard. Not only that; we also listen to our clients to include the improvements and recommendations that they suggest every day.

That said, quality is an essential part of the Dile DNA. Therefore, most of our chairs are certified by the Metalworking, Furniture, Wood, Packaging and Allied Technological Institute, AIDIMME.

Compliance and certification within the UNE-EN STANDARDS ensures that the chair meets the required European standards of strength, durability and safety, in addition to the dimensional requirements required for proper ergonomics.

Currently we are immersed in a large battery of new tests to increase and update certificates to almost all of our products. The DILE collections that are in the laboratory surpassing the different tests are:

  • CERTIFICATE UNE EN 1335: 1/2/3 Operational chairs.
  • • AtikaPro
  • • Fox
  • • Equis
  • CERTIFICATED UNE EN 16139: 2013 Collective Chairs
  • • Anak
  • • Tempo
  • • Quatro
  • • Atlanta
  • • Top
  • • Slastic
  • • Aita
  • • Athena (L2 severe public use)

The chairs, armchairs and sofas are being evaluated with strict controls in order to offer our customers absolutely safe, durable and resistant products.

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