Training Day for the people of Corte Ingles

On the 19th of October a selection of people in charge of the furniture sections at Corte Ingles attended a training day at our facilities. The visit began at midday, offering high quality business information to all the attendees that were particularly interested in all the issues covered. From here, we thanked them for the professionalism that they displayed at all times.

The event went to the designer of Top, Spera and Atenea, Rafeal Ortega, who with his own style, impressed all with his inspirational character and a day full of technical viewpoints. Finally several visits by strategic suppliers to our facilities closed an important day for both companies, strengthening, still further the excellent relationship between them.

Más Proyectos

Más Proyectos

Thank you very much, Dubai

Thanks for bringing to life an emerging international business project, one which has meant so much to all of us at Dileoffice. Now we are