Training Day of 3M and Dileoffice

On the 6th May in the hotel NH Master, Barcelona , a training day for the multinational 3M and Dileoffice took place and the principal associates of Serviempresa Group from the northeast of Spain came.The meeting was attended by the management of both companies and the Sales Director of Serviempresa to enhance the knowledge of ergonomics between the associates and other relevant aspects of National Distribution. After the meeting and having assessed the presentation of our company, the results were magnificent and according to the comments of Silver Segarra, Sales manager of the group, ‘our associates have a magnificent impression of your company’. Our company would like to give thanks to Serviempresa for the excellent treatment that we received.

Más Proyectos

Más Proyectos

Thank you very much, Dubai

Thanks for bringing to life an emerging international business project, one which has meant so much to all of us at Dileoffice. Now we are