Gemma Bernal

With a remarkable 54-year career in design and collaboration with national and international companies, Gemma has left an indelible mark across diverse sectors, including housing, household items, urban furniture, contract, lighting, and children’s playgrounds.

Her journey began with distinction at the age of 20 when she won the prestigious “Delta de Oro.” Over the next 30 years, Gemma not only enriched her expertise as an educator at national and international universities but also spearheaded numerous collaborations with foreign governments. Her engagements have included workshops, consultations, conferences, and exhibitions, taking her expertise to Argentina, Chile, Mexico, India, and Korea.

Gemma’s illustrious career has been recognized with prestigious awards such as ADI-FAD, Delta de Oro, Feria de Valencia, CEVIDER, AFAMUR, and, most recently, her projects have been honored with a RED DOT, a SILVER A’ DESIGN AWARD, and selection at the TRIENNALE in Milan.

Even at the age of 74, Gemma Bernal maintains an unwavering passion for design and considers it a privilege to pursue one’s true calling. Her work is based on the principles of simplicity and ingenious solutions, skillfully applied to objects that require maximum functionality. These guiding principles manifest in the range of products she has meticulously developed for various companies throughout her distinguished career. Gemma firmly believes in design as a collaborative effort with companies to deliver differentiated, competitive, and useful products.