“La mesa símbolo de elegancia y distinción”

Silla Norma y coffee fabricada por Dile
Silla polivalente Spera fabricada por Dile


“Atlanta is the result of thinking functionally.”

Alberto Basaglia
Natalia Rota Nodari

“Splash of lightness and brightness for new days.”

Sillas Norma fabricada por Dile


Dilebook News

Dilebook is a dynamic tool, This could be the ideal headline to communicate to our clients that we are working everyday focusing on their needs

DILE Equality Plan

We foster a work environment in which all our employees without exception can contribute to their personal development and that of the company. Respect and

DILE on pCon.planner

The main DILE collections are now available on pCon.planner. Dile has bet a lot on pCon.planner as part of our strategy of being closer to

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