Office design trends in 2021: Design and health.

Over the past year, we have been experiencing changes that force us to reflect and redefine the ways we relate to each other at work. Extension of teleworking and reorganization of workspaces.

For companies, the health of employees must be a priority, so it is necessary to find a balance between design, functionality and the well-being of workers.

That’s why companies are now focusing on creating welcoming, safe and ergonomic workspaces that also facilitate professional development.



What should you look for?


  1. Striking a balance between privacy and open space.

While the new pre-Covid trends favored open spaces that promote team synergies, they must now shift to finding more private spaces that facilitate safe distances and in turn help enhance other forms of communication such as video calls.


  1. Natural, bright, welcoming and sustainable environments.

Environmental awareness is no longer a fad, but has become a philosophy and a way of understanding life that affects all areas of our lives.  Workspaces must incorporate natural and sustainable elements both in the furniture with noble and recyclable materials, and in the operation of companies.


  1. Merging the home and the office.

The key is to bring together the benefits of working in the office, such as ergonomics, connection and productivity, with the comfort, warmth and availability of many spaces that we have at home.

The workplace and the home are irrevocably merging and the use of neutral colors, the incorporation of noble, recyclable and sustainable materials are increasingly present solutions in the design and personality of the home and office.


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