A Touch Of Color And Fun

Light, color, fun, joy and sea define its Mediterranean spirit. Medusa was created from the polyhedral and hypnotic essence of the mare nostrum, where shapes

QUATRO at San Sebastián Airport

A classic design with finishes of excellent quality. An enveloping sensation and careful ergonomics give the QUATRO collection its own personality. Individual and 2 and


TEMPO by Dile in Miami

The waiting area of an office plays an important role in defining the personality of any organization. Therefore, the choice of its furniture must be

New year, great projects for Dile

We want to start the year by sharing our project for the General Council of Psychology of Spain, developed in partnership with an important brand

AtikaPro First Projects

AtikaPro, the new operating chair manufactured by Dile, was born with the firm purpose of generating more business for our customers. Since its entry into

Atenea goes to university

  In Greek mythology, Atenea is the goddess of wisdom, arts and crafts. For Dile, Atenea is one of the multipurpose and polyvalent chairs with

360 DILE project

Design, quality, creativity, comfort, personality and adaptation to a “special” activity were the requirements that our collaborator in Madrid requested to successfully equip the facilities

Reload looks towards Ibiza

“The Reload returns to the charge.” We allow ourselves this play on words that identifies the multi-purpose chair and multiple uses of the Reload, designed

Contract, a growing line.

The evolution of new product lines is a natural process that we started in Dileoffice a few years ago in order to continue growing. The

Metalundia & Dile Working together!

  Metalundia, a company with extensive experience in the manufacture and furnishing of municipal libraries and archives, is still committed to multi-use and multi-purpose chairs

The Acer + enters the Álava medical school

“With cutting-edge features and design, the Acer+ is a combination of noble materials that form perfectly ordered edges to provide optimum ergonomic functionality. Resistant, comfortable

Ideal project for a singular space

There are places that by their nature require comfortable, warm and humanized solutions. At Dile, we wanted to highlight this project because of the uniqueness

CIRCLE, for the big entrance

Circle is one of the DILE collections of Soft Seating, along with Anak, Aita, Norma, Classic, Tempo and Quatro.  A set of professional seating solutions focused

DILEStudio: at the service of sales

Dilestudio is the design department in Dile that we make available to our professional clients such that they can visualize and present their projects in


Once again, we have received excellent news about a project carried out in one of our favourite markets, the Canary Islands, specifically Gran Canaria. Our


  The C3-A opened its doors, and also those of the Andalucian Centre for Contemporary Creation, located in Cordoba, the place of reference for Andalucian

SLASTIC in the Basque Country

  The DILE dealer network continues to give us reasons for satisfaction, and in this case, it is in the Basque Country, where the market


  Projects from the Canary Islands always give us a special satisfaction, and the geographical remoteness provides the DILE commercial team with a stimulating challenge.


… And it is not only tranquillity that reigns on the island of Gran Canaria, but on this occasion we are pleased to present a


The ATENEA collection continues to give us joy, and here we present to you, the Metalundia facility that our partner has completed for the UMH (University Miguel

Atenea, queen of Versatility

In our communication this month, we have decided to pay tribute to one of the most successful collections of Dileofffice, our beloved Atenea, which continues to