A is for Attractive Collections…

A is the first letter of the alphabet and in Greek symbology it has a link with divinity. For DILE, perhaps without being too exaggerated, the A (Atenea and AtikaPro) collections are, without a doubt, very attractive solutions for our clients. They may not reach the degree of “goddesses” but of A in the ABC of products.

The Athena, designed by Rafa Ortega is a chair whose ergonomics, lightness and versatility allow it to adapt to the integration and functionality needs of any project.

AtikaPro, since joining our Dilebook in May, Has been a real success. Its lightness, efficiency, productivity and ergonomics together with its competitive price has made this chair a highly demanded solution among Dile’s operational collections.

The qualities of both models has convinced our partner, Syncro21, to use them as part of its furniture project for a large company.

Syncro 21 aims at improving and adapting workspaces to facilitate the lives of companies. With that premise, they have implemented a furniture project for the boardroom and operational area of their client. Among the chosen furniture and seating solutions, the Atenea multipurpose chair for meeting areas complemented with AtikaPro for different operating positions stands out.

We would like to highlight the brave and attractive colour combination chosen that gives a very personal touch to different spaces. In DILE,  we offer varied options of fabrics and colours, which provides customers with multiple variants of customization for each chair.

The results of the project is extremely attractive.

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More Projects

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Asiento Medusa desenfundable

Medusa with removable cover

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