360 DILE project

Design, quality, creativity, comfort, personality and adaptation to a “special” activity were the requirements that our collaborator in Madrid requested to successfully equip the facilities of his client. The playful aspect of the activity required a flexible and dynamic solution to enhance teamwork and collaboration.


A 100% DILE project ranging from collectives to operational chairs, through the equiping of waiting areas and meeting rooms.  A 360 project.

The work and telephone service area needed a chair that suited its user in every way, providing ergonomics and personality. Among the collections of operative chairs, the proposal chosen was the FOX, due to the lightness of its mesh structure and the roundness of finish.

The meeting room was equipped with the TOP+ chair in white, a collection designed by Rafa Ortega that combines the natural, industrial and technological with the warmth of the wood, the coldness of steel and the flexibility of last generation elastomers.

The project also required solutions for the equiping of several spaces where meetings were facilitated. The SPLASH AND CALICE came together giving each environment an extremely comfortable, innovative design, based on the idea of ??clean lines thanks to the design of Alberto Basaglia and Natalia Rota Nodari.

Soft seating was also part of the chosen furniture.The ANAK, with its personal and harmonic forms, travels through several waiting areas giving them an authentic personality.


Design and a little daring were required in some of the spaces, and for them, the sixties touch of the CIRCLE was without a doubt an excellent way to get attention.

The result is evident in the images. The truth is that we can label it as a festival of collections for a 360 DILE project.

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