Reload looks towards Ibiza

“The Reload returns to the charge.” We allow ourselves this play on words that identifies the multi-purpose chair and multiple uses of the Reload, designed for us by Jeremiah Ferrarese and Paolo Scagnellato, with the aim of evolving the traditional conference and waiting chair.

It is a highly functional chair made with modular components that fuse technology and aesthetics, making it ideal for use in modern spaces.

One of the important features of the Reload is that it is ready to form combinations, thanks to the union accessory that comes as standard. This, coupled with its great capacity for stacking up to 18 units, makes this model an excellent solution for large multi-purpose spaces and events with large audiences.

These characteristics have convinced Fairs, Congresses and Events of Ibiza, an entity created for the organization of fairs, exhibitions, congresses, concerts and other socio-economic, cultural and sporting events that may take place on the island of Ibiza.

More than 1000 units of the Reload multi-purpose chair have been premiered at Adlib Moda Ibiza, the best Ibizan fashion event in the country.

The Reload has arrived in Ibiza from the hand of Ofi-Grup de Les Illes, a company that has been equipping offices and communities in the Pitiusan Islands for over 10 years, with whom Dile collaborates closely. Its main value is knowing how to offer its clients the ideal solution, as nowadays this is not an easy task.

There is no doubt that the selection has been very successful, and from now on the attendees at the different events organized in FECOEV will find a comfortable chair with a design in accordance with its environment.


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