Contract, a growing line.

The evolution of new product lines is a natural process that we started in Dileoffice a few years ago in order to continue growing. The manufacture of office chairs was complemented by new solutions to cover the Contract market, collectives, hotels, waiting rooms, training … and with that the commercial brand advanced towards the current DILE.

The range of contract chairs and armchairs directed to the hotel sector, collectives and catering is continuously growing and is becoming increasingly more important in the ABC of DILE products.

As an example, we present the furnishing project carried out in the Plaza de la Paz Hotel in Haro (La Rioja), a charming location from which to enjoy wine tourism.

The project has been carried out by our Rioja partner Rupema, a family company dedicated to the manufacture and sale of furniture since 1934, and who have opted to expand their activities with the opening of a showroom, ICONOinteriorismo, in Logroño.

Among the different furniture solutions that Rupema has included in the hotel is the CIRCLE which highlights DILE’s contract response to a multitude of situations.

The CIRCLE collection is inspired by the boldness of the 60s and 70s, but with an undoubtedly contemporary touch. Its shapes capture attention and turn any space into a focal point.

CIRCLE brings a touch of personality to each space, not only in design, but also in comfort and convenience: a combination of elements that have made this collection a real success with our customers.

The project is topped with the confident SPLASH chair, designed by Alberto Basaglia and Natalia Rota Nodari, a model that symbolizes the renovation of the spaces in which it sits.

The result is in keeping with the charm of the Plaza de la Paz hotel.

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More Projects

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