AtikaPro First Projects

AtikaPro, the new operating chair manufactured by Dile, was born with the firm purpose of generating more business for our customers. Since its entry into the Dilebook in May, it has been in high demand.

What makes it so interesting?

Without a doubt, its competitive price. But AtikaPro is not a simple economic or low-end operating chair, thanks to its maximum performance: adjustable backrest height, different options of adjustable and/or fixed arm, optional lumbar system, ultra-resistant and breathable mesh with more than 5 colours available at the same price. All of this, together with its adjusted price fulfilling the RD488/1997 makes this collection a very attractive solution for office furniture projects.

From the first minute, customers have been very interested in the new Dile operating chair and we are already seeing offices equipped with the new AtikaPro.

We moved to Madrid to present a project of office equipment made by our Murcia partner, a company that has been equipping homes, businesses and offices for more than 30 years.

Amura IT is a company that belongs to the Einzelnet group and is dedicated to developing the Data Analytics & Big Data lines and developing digitization processes for organizations. Amura IT requested ESLO MOBILE DESIGN to choose the equipment for its new offices of Madrid.

The solution chosen by our client for the administrative department and various operating areas was the AtikaPro chair.

No doubt it is the ideal chair for a work environment with high demands and looking for lightness, productivity, ergonomics and strength.


More projects

More Projects

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