DILEStudio: at the service of sales

Dilestudio is the design department in Dile that we make available to our professional clients such that they can visualize and present their projects in 2 and 3D-render with the greatest possible realism. We not only manufacture the most efficient professional chairs on the market; we also help our commercial network to present and close their projects successfully.

And as movement is demonstrated by walking … we present a real example that illustrates the effectiveness of DILESTUDIO as a commercial resource: in particular, it is a real project using office furniture and equipment developed for an important client.

Logically, the first phase starts with the collection of information by DILEstudio. Parameters such as the type of company, furniture needs, use of chairs … and with this information in hand, our designers develop several proposals in 2 dimensions.

In the next step, once the optimal option has been chosen by the client, we design the office in 3 dimensions. What do you see in 3D? On one hand, you see the final distribution of the office and the general spatial sensations, and on the other hand, the models of chairs with their materials and finishes. Using this we obtain a very realistic vision of the final result of the project.

Specifically for this project, we had to include a chair model for operative positions, sofas for the waiting areas and chairs for the meeting rooms.

Finally the choice was for the Atika task chair with mesh backrest: a robust, but at the same time, lightweight chair that adapts to new corporate spaces.

In the waiting areas the option chosen was the Circle collection, inspired by the boldness of the 60s and 70s, but with an undoubtedly contemporary touch and a variety of colours that give it a very Mediterranean touch.

The project is completed with the bold colour choice of the Trinity, the office chair chosen for the meeting rooms. An enveloping and balanced model manufactured to captivate whoever sits in it.

In DILE, we not only manufacture office chairs: we like to facilitate and help our distributors with the design of their projects, and with results that … are exactly what they envisaged.


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