Metalundia trusts DILE for its new project

The extension and variety in the catalogue of chairs designed and manufactured by DILE allows us to offer a multitude of solutions to the seating needs of companies and organizations and to participate in very different projects.

In this new project, we present the collaboration carried out in the library of the Civic Centre of Zabalgana (Vitoria) in the hands of our partner Metalundia, a company dedicated to the design and integral equipping of libraries and collective spaces. Functionality and style are the cornerstones of Metalundia’s extensive work history in emblematic projects like this one.

The project was to completely equip the centre’s library, both in the family room and the adult room. Among the various solutions implemented in the civic centre, Metalundia has opted for 2 DILE collections: the SOFA TEMPO in grey, and the successful ATENEA chair collection in black and white.

The TEMPO is a comfortable, elegant sofa that adapts to modern spaces, providing a touch of avant-garde and comfort to the users of the library.

The ATENEA, as always, is a multi-purpose chair much appreciated by our customers. The ATENEA, designed by Rafa Ortega, continues to fill collective spaces. Its simplicity, elegance, and structural quality make it an attractive solution for many projects.

The decision to combine the ATENEA and TEMPO collections has produced a great result, leaving a functional, comfortable, and elegant library.

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