The Tendam Group trusts DILE again

Although the Tendam Group sounds new, it is in fact the Cortefiel Group, which has recently changed its name. The Tendam Group is made up of well known brands, such as Cortefiel, Women’secret, Springfield, Pedro del Hierro, and Fifty.

The project has been carried out by KILIKA, the DILE distributor of reference in Madrid, who once again relied on DILE products to equip this project, and we appreciate the work of Jorge Segovia for the unbeatable work that he carried out from the beginning to the end of this project.

In this case, the collection chosen for the corporate dining room has been our very popular ATENEA, in its “total black” version. The ATENEA, designed by Rafa Ortega, is a multi-purpose chair that, year after year and in its successive evolutions, demonstrates that it is the champion of this very competitive segment of the market, and that it is up to the high standards of a prestigious Group like Tendam.

Although we have announced many interesting projects, the attractive results obtained by our partners continue to amaze us, employing the compelling selection of multi-use chairs that DILE offers. The ATENEAcontinues to be the most popular and its figures are consolidated year after year, with its design, elegant lines, sobriety and structural quality, making it a favourite for high-level projects. The ATHENA, once again, rises to the occasion.

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