A new view in Dileoffice Showroom in Madrid

Dileoffice opened its Showroom in October 2011. The Showroom was inaugurated in the heart of Madrid, an open and airy 400 m2 space conceived by designer Rafa Ortega. This space was created to reflect Dileoffice latest developments and products, and trends in the office furniture sector. Too, as Dileoffice flagship for the capital of Spain, serving not only Madrid area but the entire sales network. All commercial space must evolve. In early 2013 and for the future, we proposed a reflection for the renewal of this unique space. At this time, Dileoffice has evolved and adapted their chairs and armchairs with the times, so that the exposure of our chairs also would change. Consequently, we renovated the facility not only with the addition of new features, highlighting Slastic as the focal point of the offer. We also renew and reinforce exposure in order to continue generating business opportunities between employees, customers, and professionals, by providing them with a contextualized space where you can have a direct product experience. At the end of the day, a showroom is kind of narrative space and our Showroom tells Dileoffice intentions clear: a restatement of the company in the contract sector, without neglecting the exposure of the entire range (renewed) office chairs, directional, operational, confident, versatile shown in different environments. All of a dedicated effort to clearly show Dileoffice bet for this, and for a brilliant future.

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More Projects

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