Next Capital boots the path of Dileoffice

The board of Alicante fund Investors ratified the Next Capital which takes 50% of the Dileoffice company through an increase in capital. It is treated as it’s first investment operation. The entry of the firm’s venture capital led by the Institute of Economic Studies Fundesem will permit the necessary resources to consolidate their business plan in new products and markets. The Leal brothers, Carlos and Vicente, founders of the firm remain at the helm of the executive board and maintain the other 50% of the capital.

Dileoffice is a young company which was founded in 2001 in Castalla and has made a place for itself amongst the principal providers of office furniture in Spain. Since it’s foundation, the company has maintained a clear commitment to design and quality with the ISO certificate 9001 with respect to the environment. In fact, lately it has obtained the ISO certificate 14001.

The firm has experienced a strong growth both in the domestic market where it works through distributors, as well as the outside market where it has a growing presence in Portugal, England, France and the Netherlands amongst others.

From now on, with the entry of the Next Capital, it will reinforce the International development and the vocation of leadership of the company, facilitating the entry and expansion of new markets, new sectors and the launch of their own products such as the Athena model and the new Click.

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