Swan, our great partner in Benelux.

During the first half of June, Swan Products, our supplier for Benelux, has introduced it’s new product and is offering it to their customers, through an event in their Hertogenbosch facilities in Holland. In this event, there is excellent quality and customer service. Dileoffice presents all the ranges of Atenea, Top, Spera and Flexa. During our attendance we had the pleasure of talking to the heads of Swan, Robert and Ramon de Jong.
What impression has been made by our brand Swan Products? It could be a great brand owing to the quality and design of the products along with the associated prices. It is a young brand, innovative, dynamic and flexible and above all it listens to it’s customers’, said Robert de Jong.

What is your opinion on our distributors represented here? Robert de Jong told us that ‘The Distributors that we know are enthusiastic and interesting. They define the innovative products and cover niche markets for design in conjunction with the materials used.

Any future plans for both companies? Both heads smiled and Robert de Jong told us,’Our policy is to select a supplier to do business with in the long term, innovate and satisfy the needs of our Benelux market. We always pass on to our strategic suppliers, the impressions of our distributors. The more that we listen to the market, the more future business we will have for both companies.

Finally we would like to give thanks to the team for exquisite treatment received at the facilities and of course for the great hospitality.

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