Atenea certified for UNE 16139 L2 heavy use

“Quality is an essential part of the DILE DNA. Therefore, most of our chairs are certified by the Metalworking, Furniture, Wood, Packaging and Allied Technological Institute, AIDIMME. “

This paragraph is the umpteenth example of how demanding we are with the constant improvement of the chairs, armchairs and sofas that come out of our factories. As reported in the news in May, a very high percentage of our chairs are achieving AIDIMME certification.


Because compliance and certification of the UNE-EN STANDARDS ensure that a chair meets the required European standards of resistance, durability and safety, in addition to the dimensional requirements required for proper ergonomics.

Excellent news:

The Atenea multifunction/multi-purpose chair has achieved UNE 16139 level L2 certification (for severe use)

The certificate supports the accreditation of the safety and quality of one of the star chairs within the DILE collections of polyvalent chairs.

The Atenea chair, designed by Rafa Ortega, combines ergonomics, lightness and versatility which allows it to adapt to the integration and functionality needs of any project. A few months ago, new non-slip pads were incorporated in the 4-leg version. The truth is that Athena is a collection very much in demand by our clients.

What is the UNE 16139 level L2 certificate (for heavy use)?

  1.  Athena becomes one of the few chairs on the market with a polypropylene arm certified for heavy use.
  2.  We guarantee that it supports up to 200 kg of weight.
  3.  The option to participate in more public furniture competitions is opened.

The improvements are worthwhile and justify the effort.

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