Atlanta, Coming Soon!

Many customers have asked the Dile sales team: When is the new Atlanta Multipurpose Chair by Rafa Ortega available?

Since it was presented as a new product in the last edition of Orgatec, together with the operative Equis by Pensi Studio, we have been working hard to launch it onto the market with all the guarantees of safety and durability.

We have invested this time before launching studying different materials in order to produce the most technically appropriate and environmentally friendly end product. In addition we have taken into account the quality parameters under the UNE EN: 16139: 2015 standard.

The process is coming to an end, and with the arrival of autumn, the Atlanta will be available as a regular product.

Atlanta, the new chair for collectivities and multiple use, specially designed by Rafa Ortega to optimize horizontal stacking, saving space and helping to improve user mobility. We have no doubt that its way of stacking will make it very attractive.

Atlanta, the versatile chair designed by Rafa Ortega to give a functional touch to future projects.

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