Atenea improvements

The gene for continuous improvement is in Dile’s DNA. We are non-conformist and perfectionists, therefore our duty is to improve the performance of our chair collections.

This work is accompanied by an active listening process, both from distributors and end users, which helps us detect small details that must be changed or modified to get a more complete chair.

The advantage of being manufacturers allows us to act with absolute independence because all the solutions come from our factories.

The latest small improvement implemented has been made in the Athena multipurpose chair, specifically in the end caps included in the 4-leg version.

The end cap is a critical accessory because it is in continuous friction with the ground, to avoid its wear in Dile has chosen to replace the final piece of the legs with a new solution more resistant, compact and durable.

The work of the after-sales team of Dile is to solve problems and identify solutions, and in this case exponentially reduce the wear of the end cap. The improvement introduced makes it, without a doubt, one of the most consistent and robust chairs on the market.

From the collection of multi-use chairs, the Athena designed by Rafa Ortega is a star product, although our collection hasn’t stopped growing with Splash, Feel, and Reload, already being re-designed, and soon the new multi-use chair, the Atlanta, will be unveiled at Orgatec 2019.

More projects

More Projects

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