Improved Information on Product Usability

A chair is a product that, on multiple occasions, is an essential and basic part of the daily activity of those who sit in it. Knowing each and every one of the possibilities offered by the chair allows the user to adapt it to his physiognomy and with this, without doubt, to achieve the greatest possible comfort.

At DILE, we focus our efforts on total customer satisfaction. For this purpose we design the best professional chairs on the market and we also work to maximize the use and possibilities of each model.

For months we have been simplifying the information on the use of each chair and thinking about who sits on it every day: the end customer. In this way we provide tools to our distributor to help them reach the final customer.

What have we done?

A user manual for each chair.
A simple PDF with the instructions for the use of different models has been designed, in which it specifies how to adapt armrests, backs, heights … etc.

Where to find it? In each collection of our web www.dileoffice.com a new PDF called USES has been incorporated, which joins the rest of existing information: PDF catalogues, technical files, high resolution images, certificates, 3D and 2D resources.

New technologies allow the end customer to have this information 365 days a year at a single click. The quality of the chairs manufactured by DILE lengthen their useful life and we have facilitated access to the manual on the web to avoid wasting paper.


The new manual was created with a vocation for service and serves as an ideal complement to the series of videos available on our YouTube channel, where the different functionalities of the chairs manufactured by DILE are presented in images.

For DILE, sitting is an art and every client is unique.

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