Atlanta, created to improve user experiences

Many customers are asking the sales team of Dile: When will the new Atlanta chair be available? And the answer is: it’s here, we produce normally with all the adjustments and improvements made.

And what qualities does it have?

Atlanta is a chair designed for multipurpose spaces, training centers and communities, by Rafa Ortega. A chair with a folding seat designed to obtain the best horizontal stacking, helping to optimize space and improve the user’s mobility.

Undoubtedly, its way of stacking makes it very attractive, agile, comfortable and adaptable to any room.
The collection is available in 4 colors and you can choose between models with or without arms, it also has the option of the wheelchair, bench and writing table. At the same time it has a union kit incorporated into the structure in all its versions.

In its design and manufacture, all details have been taken care of to pass the different tests at Aidimme to obtain the UNE 16139 certificate, so it already has its certification. A full guarantee of safety.

Atlanta: the modern and fresh solution to give a functional touch to collaborative spaces, communities, training, hostelry and educational centers.

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