Clickar & Product Selection Guide.

The ‘clickar’ APP allows us to see products in augmented reality through our mobile and / or tablet. Clicking and downloading the ‘clickar’ APP and scanning the cover of the latest issue of DILEOFFICE product guide will give access to visualize ATIKA augmented reality. In this way, we can see the product as it would be in an environment, or simply see the product in detail.

We consider this an interesting and appropriate initiative to share with you this month. Our sales team is at your disposal to give full details.

Furthermore, we have combined new technologies with physical support, making it possible for dealer details to be marked on the back of this brochure. It is an excellent advertising tool to provide to end customers interested in our products.

More projects

More Projects

Elimination of chrome gas springs

At DILE, we carefully consider all initiatives that can improve our manufacturing operations, taking sustainability into account in all our processes. We have implemented a

Chairs for professionals

” Dile stools catalog. Productive solutions for demanding environments”.   This selection of products for professionals has been designed and manufactured with a specific imperative:

Asiento Medusa desenfundable

Medusa with removable cover

Imagine a comfortable seat that can combine a wide variety of colors and endless covers to play with. Here it is, Medusa. Do you want