Slastic, More Contract than Ever.

Dileoffice introduces Slastic Armchair, one of the most important developments of 2013 and a firm Dileoffice commitment with design. This is the confirmation of the company in Contract sector, providing further design and added value.

Throughout Dileoffice history, has been a constant search for the adjustment of their chairs to new habits, work practices and new knowledge about ergonomics and adaptability. In the last 10 years we have undergone profound transformations that have affected working forms. The way that companies report has also evolved over the years and the furniture plays a role as part of their corporate image.

New times demand flexibility and Slastic meets this need. This is a novel concept of modular sofas, seats and backrests which can be arranged modular outward or inward in a straight line. This extreme modularity makes it a chair fully adaptable to any space.

Waiting areas are no longer cold those places that do not care aspects as important as comfort. Currently these areas become environments that have to be warm and where must prevail comfort. The Armchair Slastic means comfort.

Convenience, Flexibility and Adaptability, Slastic make a chair that fits all kinds of spaces and sectors: offices, hotels, offices, …

Dileoffice with Slastic, more Contract than ever.

Functionality also given by the disposition of its ancillaries such as the table for the tablet. Adapting to changing times and the use of new technologies.

In the long tradition of Dileoffice about creating functional chairs, is joined part design capable of transmitting and create environments of elegance and comfort.

With Slastic by Rafa Ortega, Dileoffice confirmed in Design and Contract. 

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