Introducing Dileoffice Catalog 2013 and New Chairs.

Last February 18 at Diloeffice facilities took place what is already a custom in our company: the presentation of the Catalog 2013 to sales force.

This presentation is done in the framework of a meeting of the entire team in Dileoffice which takes stock of the previous year and set future goals, assuming also kick off the new business year. On this occasion also a cause for celebration, marks the 12th anniversary of the creation of Dileoffice.

The renewal of the catalog is always a challenge, another step in achieving the objectives we established since the creation of the company and that is only the continuous improvement of our chairs in terms of functionality, design and performance.

This goal of constant improvement translates into Dileoffice chairs make existing products better quality, ergonomics and adapted to the new times. Thus, in this new catalog, chairs are improved but also expands the catalog with new ones. The purpose: Dileoffice adapting to new needs and market demands.

Dileoffice chairs continue to transmit directional presence and elegance of a very personal, from the timeless classic designs as Boss chair to the most avant-garde as Trinity or Acer. Within the family of chairs present the new chair directional Neo +; synthesis of art and comfort. This is a minimalist-inspired chair, the purity of the straight line gives the space an atmosphere of serenity and modernity at the same time.

Current chair prepared to work hours work, comfort is unmatched by its system of polyurethane foam upholstery with high density. It also incorporates improvements in ergonomics endorsement.

Another novelty is the chair XL, the most operative directional chair. Executive Chair presented full leather. If one word can define it is effectiveness. His craft and technology make it a chair that offers comfort, ergonomics and elegance that wears any environment.

We also present the evolution of the chair: Acer +; a chair that reinvents and creates feelings in any environment. A chair so functional and ergonomic steering used to long working hours. Aluminum bars give more lightness and a unique aesthetic. Its visual effect is typical of high design items.

Regarding operational chairs, the novelty of this 2013 catalog is the energy and emphasis of Sign +, accessible, versatile chair; able to adapt to all workspaces even the most demanding. It’s not just a chair, it’s a family of robust chairs that can equip any room for an entire project.

The novelty and confirmation Dileoffice bet for the design is the latest creation by Rafa Ortega: Slastic. A chair designed for waiting areas, as currently required functionality and design features equally. Modular chairs that offer endless possibilities without losing comfort.

And adaptation to the changing times and ways of working.

Dileoffice new chairs 2013 are ready. This is a year that we offer more comfort, technology and design.

This catalog is the result of the effort to adapt our chairs to new shapes and work requirements, and changing times.

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