Dileoffice. Anniversary with meaning.

It’s Dileoffice 12th Anniversary, and we want to share our joy with all our customers, suppliers and team, all they made possible that our project become a vibrant reality. It sounds cliché, but it seems yesterday when Dileoffice started business as a little manufacturer of office chairs, in 2000.


At first, the company was created to cover the spanish domestic market. Our resources were limited, that we compensate with enthusiasm and energy, helped by the confidence of our dealers, that made the project grow significantly.

In 2002 we began to design, produce and sell a series of operational sitting programs. Dileoffice soon positioned itself successfully in the product sitting segment more exigent: that with with the highest rates of consumption of time sitted: proffessional office use and home office.

In the following year 2003, we expanded our facilities and launch Acer Chair, which immediately becames one of the most desired directional armchairs by our clients for their high performance and cutting edge design.

For the first time in 2006, Dileoffice displayed its chairs at a show: Madrid OFITEC (International Furniture Office Fair), surpassing all expectations with a great commercial success. This is the year when we also begin a new stage of expansion with new designs. Also was the consolidation of Dileoffice as a specialist in the professional market of office equipment, Home Office, and Collective Contract.

This new scenario was a qualitative and quantitative leap finalized an ambitious investment plan in design and own molds in order to launch products with high added value for its quality and design.

Another major step in strengthening our international market place four years ago when Dileoffice showed their products at ORGATEC KOHLN fair. Since then and until late 2012, the company continued to leverage international expansion, focused in reaching a major turnover in foreign markets.

For us, Carlos and Vicente Leal, this 12th anniversary means proud… and nostalgia, for those early years of barriers and enthusiasm in equal measure. But the inevitable look at our history, it becomes an incentive for 2013, in a drive to continue in the same direction, creating new products and expanding the company, remaining loyal to the values Dileoffice from its origins: functionality and adaptation of their chairs to people, fully compatible with the commitment to design, technological innovation and above all, quality.

These are the pillars on which rests Dileoffice; commitments that are printed on each of their chairs. And in the excellent service we provide to our customers.

We can only thank suppliers, customers, distributors, friends, in addition to all members of our project, for helping us to improve every day and make our dream a reality, with a strong commitment to the future.

Vicente Leal & Carlos Leal

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