Fox Chair: More for Less.

In Dileoffice we work every day to give the perfect blend of ergonomics, design and innovation to our office chairs. In fact, it’s a single goal: creating efficient ergonomic chairs, directional chairs and task chairs adapted to people and to the work they do.


An well chosen office chair is efficient, provides welfare and comfort, and is capable to “create ambiance” in a workspace.

Thus, Fox by Dileoffice qualifies as one of our most efficient chairs, in a minimalist and contemporary dynamic style that far exceeds the requirements that must fulfill any ergonomic chair, and turn them into physical and mental benefits for people.

Fox task chair was one of the novelties with which Dileoffice opened 2012 year. This chair shaked the market due to its design, lightweight mesh structure, finishes and by the strong personality that prints on the environment. A aesthetically and atemporal chair, versatile, available in black or white mesh.

Like all our chairs, Fox is the result of an intense technological innovation and the search for efficiency and total quality. In this commitment, Dileoffice make Fox chair evolve, inroducing a fully enhanced version of our star chair for late 2012 and 2013.

Fox, improved performance and innovation that directly affects the ergonomics and welfare, always ensuring every detail of design and aesthetics. Full functionality, adapting to people and their work, keeping his personality.

There are three basic points that Dileoffice has improve: back chair, arms and lumbar support.

Better support.

We have improved the design of the back and optimized the material on which it is made, with the sole objective of further adaptation to the back so you can avoid awkward postures. Furthermore, with regard to the mesh, we have considered such important health and hygiene as being breathable and antibacterial. With this latest upgrade, we have achieved a technical mesh quality and finish with improved toughness and strength.

“Steel Soul”.

Besides all the ergonomic advantages mentioned, This chair presents an improved inner steel structure ensuring very superior wear resistance to the backrest structure made of plastic or other materials. The back of the Fox Chair thus becomes ultra-durable.

Lumbar Support.

The second point that Dileoffice has perfected the Fox Chair is in the lumbar support. A true support is what keeps the natural curve of the back. An ergonomic chair must ensure this support and fully adjustable, so we improved height adjustment and tilt.

Synchro System.

On the way to the absolute welbeing, Fox offers the Sync system, simultaneous movement of back and seat tilt enabling coordinated both favoring accompanying movements. The force of the regulating mechanism is adjusted by weight. At higher altitudes, more extraction of the seat for the position of the knees is optimal.

The Fox Chair also has the option 4D system, a system of arms control in the four dimensions: height, depth, width and rotation.
Even though, the chair includes a stock 2D System with a very good quality for its price.

Much more for less.

The chair Fox is the perfect blend of efficiency and functionality, a chair that takes care of health and work environment; provides a strong dose of personality and design.
Dileoffice with Fox Chair offers more innovation, more health and more design for much less, because now you can find it from 175 Euros. A very competitive price with advanced features.

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