Dileoffice and El Corte Inglés, Strengthening Ties.

Dileoffice consolidates its relationship with El Corte Inglés as shown the exhibitions of Office Equipment and Home Office that the store shows regularly in their commercial space, where our chairs enjoying a privileged place.

This time, Dileoffice chairs travel to La Coruña, exactly to one of the several stores where the spanish leading distributor has in Galicia; part of one of the great promotional exhibitions traditionally perfoms  this great department store.

One more time, it is evident the confidence between El Corte Inglés and Dileoffice; trust as a company that proves the quality of our products.

El Corte Inglés, as we all know, has been a pioneer in Spain in the implementation of sales and merchandising techniques, always with very clear concepts about product exposure in the most profitable and attractive. The furnishings and decor are simple, keep white illumination and items are always sorted in a bid that the protagonist is the product itself. Is this comfortable surroundings the best framework for exposing Dileoffice chairs.

The commercial bet of El Corte Inglés is based on continuous improvement and the continual introduction of pioneering products and services, innovation is one of its top that extends to all its business areas. Within this continuous improvement is the relationship with suppliers, based on constant collaboration.

Between the company and suppliers there is a commitment which reflects different aspects of quality and excellence both as respect for labor rights and environmental standards. For the El Corte Inglés, quality, service and warranty are an important part of its pillars and on which it bases its customer commitment.

Commitments, all of them, since it shares Dileoffice our chairs and armchairs meet quality requirements and respect for people and the environment.

Exposures of El Corte Inglés are a look at the values and commitments that Dileoffice has with its customers and suppliers. Any philosophy that manifests in their chairs.

Technology and innovation in perfect combination with upholstery craft system of Flexa Task Chair, providing more immersive feeling and absolute comfort.

The touch of color of Flax Chairs, which protect the body’s health as they adapt with ease to size changes experienced by the smallest of the house. Becoming thus an excellent chair for home study.

Innovation and comfort of the Kata Chairs, with its synchro-shifter system and arms with 3D adaptation, being the perfect ally during long workdays.

Timeless design and visual power of the dynamic and daring Kubika Chairs in red, white and transparent, allowing you to create countless combinations.

And many more chairs which meet all requirements Ergonomics: permanent contact mechanism, adapted backs, arms movements 4D, lumbar adjustment, telescopic control knobs, …; chairs health caring people.

As in El Corte Inglés, in Dileoffice, innovation is performed keeping quality firm commitments, respect and sustainability.

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