For some time we have been witnesses to and protagonists of the change that is taking place in the world of the offices and workspaces. Perhaps it is time to pass this on to our customers and distribution networks.

Up ‘til now, seating was classified according to an organizational chart, (managers, operatives, etc.) following the company’s hierarchy, or its use (collectives, office, waiting areas, etc.), or even by its formal characteristics (soft seating, etc.).

Today we develop templates for a variety of different tasks in which a seating change is the optimal solution to achieve more productivity and well-being.

Thereby, someone can develop operational tasks in an office, hold a meeting in a room, receive training in a classroom, or sit down to rest or consult their agenda on a mobile device, or many other situations in the same space.

Simultaneously, there is a trend coming largely from the educational world, and it is the concept of work and collaborative spaces, for which DILE has much to contribute with the deployment of solutions that will cover any need.

Informal or formal meeting rooms, waiting areas, offices, receptions … no position is oblivious to this trend and at DILE, we offer commercial solutions.




Creative Comfort

There are moments of the day in which it is interesting, even necessary, to look up from the screen, walk a few steps and sit comfortably next to a companion to comment and share ideas, points of view, solutions to problems … or relax for a few minutes to reflect on the next task, or maybe just wait. DILE offers a series of collections specially designed to turn those spaces and times into productive ideas.

Common sense

With the digital age and permanent and multi-channel communication with work teams, management chairs are more functional than ever. Management positions are no longer static; they can share space and even be confused with the operatives. Frequently, the user chooses the use of the chair, and not the other way around!

Let’s do it

Ok, it’s time to give it all, to produce and carry out the assigned tasks with maximum concentration and productivity. The DILE operative collections offer the ultimate in ergonomics, flexibility, comfort, and user adjustability available in the market.

A seat for every moment

There are DILE collections, which our customers simply allocate a use that seems right at the time. That is why, once again, any attempt at classification becomes impractical. We embrace this trend and thank you for showing us that our chairs are sometimes much more versatile than their originally intended use.

More projects

More Projects

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Chairs for professionals

” Dile stools catalog. Productive solutions for demanding environments”.   This selection of products for professionals has been designed and manufactured with a specific imperative:

Asiento Medusa desenfundable

Medusa with removable cover

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