DILE’s teleworking chair

Many people have now moved their offices to their homes or are working from home.

For this reason it is very important to have adequate furniture to make working hours as comfortable as possible. Choosing the right office chair is the key.

Une infinité de finitions, d’options et de designs qui s’intègrent parfaitement à notre intérieur, alliant confort et fonctionnalité tout en conservant le design.

At DILE we try to make things a little easier. Our catalogue of office chairs made in Spain is very exhaustive and offers different price ranges depending on the technical characteristics, as well as 3-year guarantees that comply with all current European regulations.

In case of an urgent need, DILE has a permanent stock of products that leave the factory within a maximum of 48 hours  so that you can have your chair available as quickly as possible. From the factory to the user’s home.

➡ Direct shipments to homes (semi-assembled chair).
➡ Special discounts depending on quantity.
➡ Chairs with UNE EN 1335 certificate.

For this reason, the health, comfort and ergonomics of people are the first factors to be taken into account to ensure the efficiency of teleworking.


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More Projects

Atenea, queen of Versatility

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