It’s Official! Flexa is now certified for use 24 h.

In DILEOFFICE we’re celebrating. After a long process, during which the FLEXA 24H has been subjected to harsh verification tests, such as the 500,000 cycle impact test to verify the safety of the movement back and forth, CETEM has certified one of the star models of DILEOFFICE for “INTENSIVE 24 HOURS USE”, according to Standard BS 5459-2: 2000 + A2: 2008, related to “Office Chairs for 24 hour use by people weighing up to 150 Kg and includes the testing of individual components, that confirms that the FLEXA 24H chair is the ideal choice for the most demanding projects.

This aspiration of our network of distributors has now been realised. The solution to what equipment to use in so many projects is the FLEXA 24 H, a product with an unbeatable quality, design, price, and performance. This high-performance chair offers features such as: adjustable seat height using Stabilus spring; high density foam backrest adjustable in height and tilt; armrests adjustable in width, height and depth; a high strength aluminium base; hollow self-locking Emilsider wheels, etc.

The latest generation of components has been used to produce a chair that responds to international trends in design and quality, delivering to its customers a product that meets the challenges of today’s market.

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