Maximizing distribution.

October 2011 seems like yesterday, when we opened the doors to our “ESPACIOS” Showroom of over 300m2, exclusively dedicated to showing the main products of the Dileoffice and Ofitres brands. After almost 3 years, we have consolidated the project as one of our best commercial activities, with the confidence of our distributors in a changing sector, where major office furniture manufacturers sell their products directly.

Dileoffice, a family business specializing in “Chairs for Offices, Waiting Areas and Communal Areas”, entirely depend on the distribution and provision of the best methods of increasing our business. Thanks to your confidence in us, since opening we have had over 700 professional visitors, most of who deal directly with the end customer, who have visited the showroom to view and test our products with retailers who trust the Dileoffice brand.

Now, Dileoffice has a reason to celebrate: our Madrid Showroom has been operating for nearly 3 years. Just weeks ago, we renovated the interior and incorporated the latest developments from our new ranges.

It has been three years of quality and service to the national network from the capital of Spain. Also due to its excellent location, we have used the space for international visitors in transit through our country. Initially, it was considered a risk for the evolving family business in a changing industry, but today it is an established company with a bright future ahead of it.

We would like to give our thanks to all who have made this possible: our commercial network, our customers, and the Dileoffice distributors.

Thank you all!

Finally, we would like to invite the rest of the distributors to our home, as we consider it also to be yours. We are available to give you physical and commercial support, if required; just open the doors o our showroom, located just 3 minutes walk from Plaza Castilla in Madrid.

Carlos Leal

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More Projects

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