One More Step

The poet said that “one reaches the end of the road by walking”, well, we continue to walk in what we believe is the right direction: the DIGITALIZATION of our company in every way, not as a trend, but as continuous evolution and incorporation of the latest technologies that brings us closer and closer to our customers, current and future.

Many advantages of e-invoice:

In Dile we eliminated printed assembly instructions four years ago and, as you know, they are available on our YouTube channel or as PDFs on the web. This demonstrated our commitment to improve the environment, and this continues with the e-invoice, small gestures helping global conservation.

In addition, the electronic invoice:
Electronic invoicing transfers invoices between the issuer and the receiver by electronic means, which makes it impossible to “lose” them.
The content of the invoice has not been altered. While the paper can be copied, scanned, or even falsified, the e-Invoice is encrypted with a password so that it cannot be modified. In addition, it incorporates the obligation for an electronic signature.

In the transmission and receipt of the invoice, dead times are eliminated and the administrative process of collections and payments is streamlined.

Please e-mail us where you want to receive your e-invoice HERE

More projects

More Projects

Elimination of chrome gas springs

At DILE, we carefully consider all initiatives that can improve our manufacturing operations, taking sustainability into account in all our processes. We have implemented a

Chairs for professionals

” Dile stools catalog. Productive solutions for demanding environments”.   This selection of products for professionals has been designed and manufactured with a specific imperative:

Asiento Medusa desenfundable

Medusa with removable cover

Imagine a comfortable seat that can combine a wide variety of colors and endless covers to play with. Here it is, Medusa. Do you want