XL Chair, Ergonomics… and Price.

One of the Dileoffice news of this year regarding directional armchairs, is the XL Chair, the most operative directional chair.

XL Chair is the future of the executive chairs for its great ability to adapt to the times we are living. It gathers the elegance and strength of a management armchair and functionality and ergonomics of a work chair.

Armchair highly qualified to work long hours because of its robustness, ergonomics and quality. But which, at the same time, is able to provide warmth; surround chair due to its leather manufacture.

Quality is the main value. Nobility black leather not only provides elegance to the environment, the use of this material is synonymous with high strength, warmth and long-term investment.

XL integrates traditional materials and technology to deliver maximum performance in comfort, a chair full of sensations.

Dileoffice evolves to adapt to this new era we are living. We know that an executive chair has to be functional and meet the parameters of ergonomics and postural health. XL is ready, like any work chair, to work more than eight hours.

A directional armchair, elegant, envelope, made of high quality black leather and designed for long working hours. These benefits must be added another advantage that make it more attractive, if anything, its price from 315 €.

XL Chair goes beyond the typical value, a chair capable of providing the image values​​, current and comfort for this amount, means Dileoffice capacity and effort to adapt to the future.

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