Equis Equips an Architectural Firm in Barcelona

Equis, designed by Pensi Studio, was created in a revolutionary spirit of change, with a clear aim to make the user’s life easier. Light and robust at the same time, it marked a step forward in DILE’s commitment to design.

Since its launch in the last quarter of 2019, it has become an essential and innovative solution in many workspaces, both in the office and at home, offering not only design, quality and comfort but also unbeatable ergonomics.

Since its entry into our range of operational seating, it has achieved results that have made it one of the best seating products on the market.

Syncro21 a specialist in the creation, improvement and adaptation of workspaces and a collaborator of Dile in Barcelona, chose Equis for its project to equip an architectural office in Barcelona.

The client was looking for a chair that would combine quality and comfort without renouncing to an innovative design in line with a company that offers the vanguard.

The combination of the finishes and the black structure, combined with Gabriel’s mesh, resulted in a chair that is sober but does not lose a single ounce of its personality that makes it different.

As Jorge Pensi defines it, “the balance between function, desire and need” is clearly expressed in this beautiful project.

Más Proyectos

Más Proyectos

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