A collection that fits perfectly into all professional environments, simple lines but with subtle visual forms. A more sensible response that combines versatility, simplicity, resistance and esthetics.


Exterior of black polypropylene plastic injection, 100% recyclable.

Acrylic nylon mesh.


Revolving system (Optional: revolving +5 cm height)

Gas lift

Gas lift system: Chrome-plated gas lift system.


70 cm polished aluminium, 68 cm diameter nylon or 4 spokes in 69 cm diameter polished aluminium






A judicious solution.


DILESTUDIO is a service created by Dileoffice and available to its distributors to carry out 2d and 3d projects to incorporate into proposals and commercial budgets for all our collections of “Waiting Areas” products. The idea stems from the real need expressed by customers to illustrate seating projects in a realistic and attractive way. We were pioneers in incorporating all the commercial technical documentation: technical sheets, high resolution images, cad files, videos, etc., to provide all the support and resources to achieve sales. DILESTUDIO is a new resource that our clients have at their total disposal, and that can contribute to the success of their projects. It also performs the comprehensive design of various products and develops the collections proposed by the external designers who work with Dileoffice. It takes care that the designs express a contemporary, timeless, ergonomic and elegant aesthetics so that the collections are always innovative, current and attractive.

Product Range