Dilebook2020, a Dynamic Work Tool

Since the launch of the interactive PDF, the Dilebook has become an excellent tool for updating the prices in our catalog. Its ease of use, speed in finding information and interactive features are highly appreciated by our customers.

In these times when digitization is gradually becoming essential to the management of SMEs, it is essential to have this tool that allows quick access to the catalog through a device and of course allows to have the updated price list in one click with the link 

At DILE, we insist that it is not a static and “old-fashioned” tool. In this sense, we would like to inform you that a new version of Dilebook is available with a few improvements, additions and small errors that have been corrected.

You can download and update the interactive pdf by clicking on the following link. If you do not wish to download it, simply click on the link to get the latest information.

More projects

More Projects

Chairs for professionals

” Dile stools catalog. Productive solutions for demanding environments”.   This selection of products for professionals has been designed and manufactured with a specific imperative:

Asiento Medusa desenfundable

Medusa with removable cover

Imagine a comfortable seat that can combine a wide variety of colors and endless covers to play with. Here it is, Medusa. Do you want

A Touch Of Color And Fun

Light, color, fun, joy and sea define its Mediterranean spirit. Medusa was created from the polyhedral and hypnotic essence of the mare nostrum, where shapes