Last Saturday was a very special day for DILEOFFICE. We celebrated our 15th anniversary, as it was on the 12th of December 2001 we received our first order for seating. We wanted to celebrate in a special way, bringing together all of our staff, families, and strategic partners to share the event in a festive and cheerful manner, and also to deliver a surprise in the form of the Evolution of the company’s corporate image.


The day was divided into two parts, beginning with a welcome breakfast at the premises of DILEOFFICE (hereafter to be known as DILE), which began with the annual team meeting in which Carlos Leal presented the results for 2015 and strategic objectives for 2016. He then gave the floor to the team in order to hear their impressions and ideas.

Carlos also took the opportunity to formally introduce the Head of Communications, José Miguel González, who told the team about the evolution of the DILE brand.

A highlight of the day was when the staff stunned Carlos and Vicente Leal with an artistically shaped gift box representing the new brand with words suggested by the team that from now on will welcome visitors in the lobby of the DILE premises.

At noon, we moved to the Caseta Nova restaurant where, after the welcome, friends and family were shown the evolution of the brand, and enjoyed a fun afternoon with surprises, magic, and a lot of shared joy.

Thanks to all.

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